Press Release

Educating the Educators:

A Crash Course on Eco Design™

From an editorial by Susan Szenasy in Metropolis, November 2003:


From a Parsons faculty member attending the September 2003 seminar:

"Erika and David have developed an extensive and thorough seminar that addresses the overall lack of experience, vocabulary, and consistency in available knowledge by the faculty as a whole within the Product Design Department. During an all day seminar, which they held last fall, the faculty was given information and tools to enlighten and inspire further discourse and implementation of procedures that would encourage and aid the restructuring of syllabi to incorporate environmental concerns and approaches in the design process.

"The seminar was not only eye opening, but also inspiring. Presented in a manner that encouraged discussion, a healthy and productive dialogue began. Visual presentations on a wide range of topics were given. Handouts thorough in their coverage of seminar topics, extensive in resources for further involvement and research were supplied. As well as an impressive and knowledgeable display of alternative choices of materials, which the participants were able to handle and gain access to suppliers and availability.

"As a result of their seminar, syllabi across the department have been restructured within every project to include the concerns of eco design. The seminar gave the faculty the language to incorporate these issues Into their teaching, and integrate the principles of responsible design with the existing curriculum. Their belief in this message and the manner in which they have developed their seminar, as well as their active participation in assisting the faculty to make the necessary changes should make them a model for many schools to follow. "

---- Lyn Godley